Our Global Innovation Network

Each innovation network will collaborate with NFCM HK’s fund Business Development Desk(BDD) and academia network

Overview of Innovation Center
-Promotion of Innovation; Establishment of Eco-System; Establishment of Global Network
-In addition to the incubation of new startups, supports Japanese ventures entering global markets. Innovation Center also assists global venture companies to enter the Japanese market. Further, Innovation Center supports new market entry, expansion of existing business, business tie-ups with local companies, M&A, etc.

Global Innovation Network
-NFCM HK and Cybernaut jointly established Japan Innovation Center(JIC) in January 2019. NFCM HK will sequentially establish innovation network around the world.
-JIC will incubate startups and support market entry into the world. Market entry support will include new entry, market expansion, business alliance with local companies and M&A

Collaboration of Innovation Center and BDD
-All correspondence of the Fund go through the BDD
-All correspondence of the Country will actively collaborate with the BDD and support the Fund’s portfolio companies for global market entry

Japan Innovation Center

Japan Innovation Center
c/o New Frontier Capital Management International
Jinbocho Mitsui Building 20F
1-105 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan
Tel +813 5244 5912
Fax +813 3292 5560